By working with me you support local charities right here in Vancouver.  I am a proud support of Children’s Miracle Network & BC Children’s Hospital. Every property that I represent, whether it be on the buying or selling side, I give $50 to each charity.

Three years ago I also start my own Fundraiser over Christmas for the downtown eastside.  It began in the comfort of my own home, getting friends together, donations from restaurants, and locals to package meals over the holiday season for the people who live year round on the lower eastside of Vancouver.  Every year has gotten more support and this past year we were able to package 250 meals for people in need.  Giving back to our community creates awareness and care.  It is essential to take a step back at times, and give to others in need.

Arianna Torabian

Mobile: 778-869-3447

Office: 604-620 6788

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